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The sessions were well structured and provided me with really good insight into mindfulness and gave me the motivation to improve my overall wellbeing.

I feel calmer and recognise when I am getting stressed/anxious and can put things into place to try and manage this better. The homework was really helpful and I liked the variation of exercises - I have a range of different tools to use now which is good as I can pick and choose what is best suited for me at the time.

Smiling Businessman

Taking Roy’s mindfulness course has helped me appreciate life more and his mindfulness exercises have helped me feel calmer and clearer. Roy is a kind and thoughtful tutor – thank you!

Roy has a very calming presence and makes you feel at ease - I would definitely recommend.

Middle Aged Woman

Roy delivered an insightful six-session course. I learned many life-changing distinctions regarding my mindset and thought processes during the course. Roy uses simple examples and explains a very complex subject with great clarity.

I was surprised how little awareness I have about what is happening inside my head. The exercises and guidance have been incredibly useful in stopping my thoughts from racing off uncontrollably. The most significant benefit from Mindfulness is stopping my prolonged periods of stress and anxiety caused by the constant chatter I used to experience in my head (especially at 3 a.m.!). I fully expect this to give me long term mental and physical benefits.

I am now making more time for what is important to me, and the course has positively impacted my relationship, health, and work. In particular, I found the STOP and RAIN exercises very useful. I would highly recommend Roy's Mindfulness Course.

Insights into hidden behaviours and thought process were eye opening and gave me access to new and lasting ways of thinking.

I consider that this training is helping me both in my work and personal life. My increased awareness of being in the moment is helping me focus more on my work meetings/calls and the whole programme is helping me with my approach to managing stress – taking a step back to consider options and how others can help me, rather than jumping straight in feet first to try and address matters myself. In addition the focus on gratitude and being thankful has helped me to remember why I am doing leisure activities and spend more time whilst doing them actually enjoying the experience – and where applicable helping people I am with to do likewise.

Woman with White Hair

I found the programme relaxing and enlightening. Working with Roy was great. I felt really comfortable and was surprised at the positive impact it had on me. Would highly recommend to give it a try.

Smiling Woman

I have found the mindfulness programme a really effective use of my time – and am very grateful to Roy for the time that he has invested in delivering it to me. The sessions have all been very well structured with a clear focus each week along with excellent supporting materials. The WhatsApp recordings are excellent aids which I will be able to use on an ongoing basis.

This programme was a ‘gift’ to myself and was well received especially around Christmas and New Year. I will definitely spread the information positively.

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